Learn to own your private flying experience with our personalized flight training courses. Whether you’re just learning to fly or just looking to log more hours, our one-on-one flight sessions promote total control and aircraft safety, helping you earn your wings and fly with pride.

Private Instruction

Receive personalized lessons designed to meet your experience level and goals.

Supreme Safety

From takeoff to landing, we train to ensure you are secure at every point of flight.

Trustworthy Experience

With over a decade of training pilots, AIRBOSS is well versed in a wide variety of aircraft.

Your Plane, Your Plan

Enrich your private aircraft purchase with flight training designed specifically for your aircraft. With AIRBOSS by your side, we’ll take you from ground school straight to your FAA flight test.

  • Private, Sport, Recreational Certifications
  • Instrument Ratings
  • Multiengine, complex, and high-altitude endorsements
Smiling female pilot connecting with a digital tablet and using aviation apps

Certified Flight Instructor

AIRBOSS is qualified to teach both private and commercial pilots. You’ll receive professional, personalized training from start to finish.

  • Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIP’s)
  • CFI
  • MEI
  • CFII
Jet on the tarmacPilots Operating Controls Of Private Jet

Ongoing Training

Our recurrent training program helps pilots brush up their skills and get back into the cockpit with confidence.

  • Proficiency Training
  • Skill Assessment
  • Technology Advancements

Fly Your Aircraft

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